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Sulcis: Archeology, environment, history.

  • Difficoltà: media
  • Durata: Approximately 3 hours

We start from the Campo Pisano mine on the outskirts of Iglesias and through a dirt road, now almost entirely covered by vegetation. We will arrive at the old San Giorgio’s Mine (area known as “Macchina Beccia”), which vaguely reminds the ruins of a medieval castle, due to its towers and battlements; from here, after resting, we will reach the the ghost village of Seddas Moddizis, the destination of our hike. Giorgio Asproni resided in this area in summer, as director of this mine.

After visiting the village, we will climb to the summit of Mount San Giovanni (424 mt.) from where we can admire a wonderful panorama, then we will descend through an old dirt road to the village of Gonnesa, stopping in the numerous artificial caves, made over the last century for “mining tests”.

During the itinerary it will be likely to see birds of prey flying around, and on the summit, the hikers will be left breathless by a balmy landscape characterized by the total lack of vegetation and an unreal silence, interrupted solely by wind blowing.

Difficulty:            Medium

Duration:            Approximately 3 hours

Itinerary:             Archeology, environment, history.

Sulcis: Archeology, environment, history.